Transformation Tuesday 

This post is SUPER late, it is almost Wednesday where I live! But, I needed to share with you my vintage formal dress for my transformation Tuesday. 
Stare in amazement:

It is a vintage black formal gown with gold, black, and silver beading on the top that stops at the natural waist. 

In its full glory:

This marvellous piece of clothing was given to me by a family member in great condition! All it needed as a few extra beads added on, some re-stitching of the hem where it has been stepped on and ripped out, and finally some adjustments to the elastic that helps hold the dress up.

This dress is by far one of my favorite finds and pieces! It is by far more stellar in person! I mean who can go wrong with a black dress?! 

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Stay thrifty my friends!


Budget Friendly Wedding Favors!

So today I am going to show you a simple and easy way to make budget friendly wedding favors using thrifted cups and succulents and cactus. This idea can be used in your home or for small space decorating like a dorm or apartment.

Think that these favors would be perfect for a garden themed or outdoor wedding.

If you like this idea but are not sure that it fits your country rustic wedding use small flatter mason jars to plant the succulents, cactus, or herbs in instead of thrifted glassware!

What you need: 
– Thrift store cups or glassware. I got my pieces at the Goodwill for $0.50 each! Which was a STEAL!

thrifted glassware

– Succulents, cactus, or herbs depending on your vision! I got my succulents from Wal-mart for $2.50 each however I am sure you could get a wholesale price elsewhere.

1. I rinsed out my glassware and let it dry.
2. Then I just transplanted my succulent to an adorable cup or vintage glassware.
4. Add a cute tag thanking your guests for coming.
5. Set them up and get ready to be the best wedding of 2015!

Here are some that I made:


cactus in glassware

Cactus in sake cup

spider plant in teacupI hope that my examples get your creative juices flowing and spark your creativity for your own wedding favors or for your own home decor.

Happy crafting!

DIY Bride Build your own veil

Build a veil is where you tell me exactly how you want your veil to look on your big day and I make it exactly how you describe. Here is what to think about when desgining your own veil.
– Tulle or netting color
– How long
– What you want on your veil, (feathers, flowers, lace, etc.)
– What style
– When you need it (I will need time to make it, do not tell me a week before your day.)
– How you are going to attach your veil. (this mostly depends on your hair style. If you are not for sure send me a picture of your ideal wedding hair and I will make a choice based on easy to insert.)

I also will do fascinators, birdcages, and any flowers you want to wear on your big day.  If interested and want to see more pictures please let me know and I will get them to you via email.

Here is a select few of my work: