The Best Minimalist Gift List EVER!

Hello my lovely people!

I know I have been gone for a while now, and if you read my last blog post I am sure you can understand the importance of taking time to myself. Focusing on myself, bettering myself, and enjoying life. Major things have been happening, and I feel it is only right to get back to you all. Do not fear, I am stronger than yesterday and beginning to feel like my old self again!

So, while I have been gone I have been practicing minimalism. It is truly a journey and does not happen over night! Baby steps! I may write some posts about what I have done and my journey. With the holidays here upon us I figured it would be beneficial to give you a list of the best minimalist gifts. Even if you do not practice a minimalist lifestyle it can never hurt to give these gifts to others!

1. Experiences


Head on over to Groupon either online or on app and see what experiences are available! The possibilities are endless: movie tickets, manicure, massages, zip line, distillery tours, etc. I recently completed my TESOL certification, I weighed the many options and used a coupon I located on Groupon to get my certification at a cheaper rate! I could not be happier!

2. Gift Cards

gift card

These are helpful for people who are picky and hard to buy for! I personally love receiving gift cards to restaurants or my local grocery store! I am able to get things I need and save some money.

3. Genetic Testing


If you know they have not done any genetic testing and you have the funds, genetic testing is a cool gift! There are organizations like 23 and Me that do testing to identify health factors as well. My sister recently gifted me a 23 and Me testing kit so I may do a review of that after the new year as well!

4. Donate to a Charity in their name


I am unsure about you, but, I love helping people. I participate in apps like Charity Miles where I donate money by simply walking. I crochet for babies in the NICU and for the homeless, and since I have been getting into minimalism I have been frequently donating my items to those in need! Knowing that some good will is done in their name is sure to put a warm smile on their face!

5. Edibles


Everyone needs to eat! If you know what they eat a lot of: Nutella, dried fruit, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. It is easy to make them a basket of their favorite treats! These make a great stocking stuffer too! HINT HINT!

Well I hope you enjoyed the BEST MINIMALIST GIFT LIST EVER! It is short and sweet but really many examples could be listed under each one. Remember, it never hurts to ask someone what they want as well. Minimalist’s like to have items that will last for a long time, it can never hurt to put some money towards an item they need.

Have a wonderful holiday and take care!