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New York City

I returned from my senior trip thrusday night.  And I absolutely loved the city.  The culture, the architecture, everything blew me away.  I have been to cities before, but nothing like New York City.  Since I cannot say enought, here are some of my pictures i snapped along the way.




































I have many more photos but this gives a small taste.  To see many more of my photos and prints for sale check out www.stitchamaroo.deviantart.com

Thanks for reading! Dont forget to keep crafting! 🙂



DIY Bride Build your own veil

Build a veil is where you tell me exactly how you want your veil to look on your big day and I make it exactly how you describe. Here is what to think about when desgining your own veil.
– Tulle or netting color
– How long
– What you want on your veil, (feathers, flowers, lace, etc.)
– What style
– When you need it (I will need time to make it, do not tell me a week before your day.)
– How you are going to attach your veil. (this mostly depends on your hair style. If you are not for sure send me a picture of your ideal wedding hair and I will make a choice based on easy to insert.)

I also will do fascinators, birdcages, and any flowers you want to wear on your big day.  If interested and want to see more pictures please let me know and I will get them to you via email.

Here is a select few of my work:

If you dont jiggle something’s wrong with you

My mom’s famous line, “Honey, if you do not jiggle there is something wrong with you!”  And boy is she right.  With Americas strive to become a size smaller.  We have forgotten what a real women looks like.  A real women has hips, a butt, boobs, a belly, and cellulite.  Not that we like having cellulite!  But it is part of life.  We need to be proud of our bodies, not treating them like they are disposable.  I love food, wear a size 14 and I am proud of it!  I think I look good. So why do we strive for model bodies?  Is it because being a size zero is what society has made acceptable, if you are larger, you are viewed as a taboo.  Which is crazy!  Never deprive yourself of what you want, we only have one life to live.  Dont live it always restricting yourself.  Life is too short for that.  So if you are sexy and you know it! Put down those nasty rice chips!  Grab a piece of chocolate and play with your kids!  Kiss your husband or boyfriend.  And enjoy every small moment that make life so amazing. 

I understand that it is important to live healthy, but do not let your weight or jean size run your life.

Now love your body, it is the only one you have.

Making Your Photos More Desirable To Your Audience

I have recently acquired a Ipod touch for Christmas, and I discovered the App store!  I downloaded many things to my Ipod, such as a calorie counter, Sudoku, Tango to talk to my boyfriend, and some camera apps.  I could not believe all the different camera applications the App store had to offer!  Me being very cheap, I opted for the FREE camera apps.  I even downloaded a free photo editor to give my pictures the umphoof they needed.  Me being the excitable person I am, I immediately started taking many pictures of me, making them look better.  Then I looked through my camera’s pictures…  Thinking about my first failed store, I was debating how to make me more desirable to my audiences.  First appearance is a MUST!  When you are shopping, you are looking for something.  Let’s pretend that you are looking for one of a kind bracelet for your niece’s birthday.  You are looking through ShopHandmade, because you prefer to buy handmade.  You find the bracelet you have in mind, but what lured you in to pick this said bracelet.  The picture that is the bracelet’s icon picture.  If it isn’t clear and appealing, you would not have chosen it. 

So what makes a picture appealing? Natural light is a must!  Pictures just do not look the same in artificial light.  Also how you present them, maybe on a blank canvas so the viewer can imagine it on themselves, or better yet on someone willing. Let people see your wares on someone to give the viewer a impression of how it may look on them.  If all other actions have been taken, use Photoshop.

Here is an example of some things I have made using my camera:

Flower Clip Taken Outside on Sister

 This bridal clip isn’t too bad, as you can tell I took this picture outside, and on my unwilling sister.

Bow taken in artifical light


My sister... and her 2 heads!


Raechael Sketched

Hopefully these pictures can give you a taste of what all you can do to make your pictures even more amazing.  Or if you are just learning how to make your wares more desirable.  I hope I have helped you in some way.  If nothing else, entertained you.  All these pictures are mine, do not steal them and make them your own.  If you are interested in the bridal clip, I am debating making a tutorial on how to make it, let me know if you think I should in the comments below! 

Kids Felt Activity Book! NO-SEW!!

Okay! So I have postponed the pot holder caddy tute!  Reason being, I have to share this little project that I started on that is virtually no-sew!!!  Yes, I said an easy NO-SEW project!  I will not be posting a tute for this project, because there are so many endless possibilities for this project!  The size I made is perfect for on the go moms to slip down in their purse to entertain their child on a car ride or in a waiting room, or anywhere.  Its mess free because the velcro on the back the kids can stick it down and go, and moms can rest assured no pieces will be left behind!  So take a peek below at the kids felt activity book and let your mind wander and imagine all sorts of possibilities for your kids book!  If interested in buying a activity book instead please email me at maeflyoriginals@gmail.com

 Please note that mine is not completed for the fact that I ran out of velcro pieces….

Here is the index: ocean, flower outdoors, clothes for doll, doll, more clothes, design your own pizza, tic-tac-toe.

Unfinished Cover


First page ocean


Page Two Flowers


Page Three Doll Clothes


Page Four Dress-up Doll

Okay that is all of that.  I have more pages but those are the completed ones.  So I hope you take this idea and run with it!  There are so many other possibilities that you can make for pages, you can make them specific to your child.  🙂
In MaeFlyOriginals news:
I have made a floral candle holder.  Perfect for weddings! This item is posted in my online store www.maeflyoriginals.artfire.com  
You tell me what color roses or flower you want (one from your bouquet or scheme would be ideal).  And pick your color of ribbon around the base (does not have to be the same color as the flower).  Then let me know if you would like to have a candle already included in your candle holder (if so what color).  Finally, Let me know how many you would like to have.  Ask about wholesale discounts.

Rose Pink Candle Holder

Here is another item I have for sale in my store.  It is a wire wrapped rose quartz necklace. Check it out at my studio  www.maeflyoriginals.artfire.com or at the link below.
 Rose quartz wire wrapped necklace on a black cord romance 
Now I will end this wonderful post with wonderful pictures of my pets.  I have a new addition!  My stepmom got me a baby bunny at a auction!!  He is the cutest thing ever!!! And his name is Nova. 🙂  Also here is my dog Spec, who is supposed to be a hunting dog… but cannot hunt, fore he has sinus trouble. lol