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Transformation Tuesday 

This post is SUPER late, it is almost Wednesday where I live! But, I needed to share with you my vintage formal dress for my transformation Tuesday. 
Stare in amazement:

It is a vintage black formal gown with gold, black, and silver beading on the top that stops at the natural waist. 

In its full glory:

This marvellous piece of clothing was given to me by a family member in great condition! All it needed as a few extra beads added on, some re-stitching of the hem where it has been stepped on and ripped out, and finally some adjustments to the elastic that helps hold the dress up.

This dress is by far one of my favorite finds and pieces! It is by far more stellar in person! I mean who can go wrong with a black dress?! 

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Stay thrifty my friends!

Find of The Day

Hey there gorgeous!

Today, I went out to dinner with my main squeeze. I’m eyeballing you MR. Anyway, while out eating I was looking around at the shop and found these adorable little containers. 

Aren’t they pretty?! I may be biased, considering yellow and pearls are just a few of my favourite things. They look almost vintage as well which is another win in my book! 

What do you think about these guys? 

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See you soon! 

What is ahead!

Hello Stitchamaroo faithful readers! And Newbies! I have not been able to post anything for a very long time due to demanding school work and graduation.  NOW that all that is over I have focused more on crafting! and I have a whole bunch of posts lined up perfect for the summer time! 

What to look forward to:

– White lace covered sunglasses

– junk jewelry

– Easy wash out hair dye

– inspiration for the crafting soul

And much more! Sorry for the jet lag! I hope everyone enjoys what is in store! 🙂

New York City

I returned from my senior trip thrusday night.  And I absolutely loved the city.  The culture, the architecture, everything blew me away.  I have been to cities before, but nothing like New York City.  Since I cannot say enought, here are some of my pictures i snapped along the way.




































I have many more photos but this gives a small taste.  To see many more of my photos and prints for sale check out www.stitchamaroo.deviantart.com

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ModCloth inspired military dress from a thrift store find

Okay let us face the truth my fellow crafters, we normally start our crafts to meet a need or want.  I started to craft to get the things I wanted, for example a cute tote bag, a feather hair peice, or the perfect skirt.  When I meet my needs by crafting they are not exact replicas but they are close and a whole lot cheaper.  Fabric however has become more expensive, leading most handy dandy crafters to patrole thrift stores for useable fabric, cheap plates, and peices that can be altered.  Changing thrift store items are some of my favorite crafts. 

Lately I have been craving the cute ultra mini dresses out there.  Plus I love the toughness of the military style with cute girly girl accents such as heels and bows.  While thrift store shopping I found this dress, featured below.  I knew it had great potential. 

How I altered this dress was easy peasy.  Since it was pretty much my size *the tie back helps me make the dress tighter when neccesary*. All I had to do was cut and hem the bottom and sleeves. 

This dress cost me less than 2 dollars!!!!

Here was some of my inspiration: *images via ModCloth

image of Under Cerulean Skies Dress in Wheat

image of Dream Dressing Room Dress

Project rated – Begginer

How to:

– Find a dresses that you would like to have.

– Look through thrift stores fo something similar.

-Find a thrift dress your size but not your style.

– measure from the seam line attaching the skirt to the bodice and measure to the length you desire.  NOTE: have someone else do this part for you while the dress is on!!!

– Mark with chalk.

-Cut where you marked.

– Repeat for sleeves.


– Press your new dress.

– Put it on and bask in your handmade glory.

Here is my dress before my alterations:

Grandma thrift store military dress neon socks

Dont you just love neon socks!? Well I do, as you can see this dress screams GRANDMA!!

…. FINALLY! here is my updated version of this dress by alteration!







short cute military style revamped dress stitchamaroo

Miss Fluff N’ Stuff just couldn’t stay out of the shot, she can’t be away from her mommy for one second! No she can’t! *stop baby talk*

Once again keep in mind that my mother has to shoot my pictures so they will not be the quality I would like to have… If only I could do both… One day.







Here are some more views

short cute style military dress refashioned

beautiful military style dress boots refashioned

beautiful OOAK military mini dress handmade

Thanks for reading!

Now get out there and start making!! 🙂

MINI Monster Alien Hair Clips

JUST LANDED! Little monster aliens! They have lost their home planet and need a place to stay. You!  They are now orphans and need someone to take care of them. That is where you come in.  You love cute things, and are more than willing to wear them in your hair or anywhere for that matter! Which is exactly what they want and need.  In order to take over Earth. …. WHAT?!

Check out these cute little fellas! They are little monsters! And made to wear in your hair!  They are all little orphans needing a new home.  Which can be you! Inside each little monster box you will receive the little monster, and the monster’s story and name.  These tiny monsters are trying to take over the world, one head at a time!  Each little monster is different, so you will never have one exactly the same. 

Here is what you will see when you open the shipping packaging:

Little Monster Crate Handmade gift box packaging

Let’s not forget the side views!

Little Alien Monster Orphan adopt Clip Handmade DIY

Little Alien Monster Hair Clips

Open the box and see what is inside!

Little Alien Monster Orphan Hair Clips

It’s your little monster!!

Not take that little guy out and wear him!

Little Alien Monster orphan Adopt Clip

Little Alien Monster Orphan Adopt hair Clip Mini Surprise

You never know what little monster you may get!

Little Alien Monster Orphan Adopt hair Clip Mini Surprise

Little Alien Monster Orphan Adopt hair Clip Mini Surprise

All little monster aliens are made different. Each little monster will come with a card, telling you their story and their name.  Each one is different and is waiting to be adopted!

They are too cute and too adorable to walk by! Best part, they are a surprise and able to be put on many things, a bobby pin, clip, broach, headband, and many more. 

Check out my DA page if interested: www.stitchamaroo.deviantart.com

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What I’ve Learned Over 2 Weeks

This post is dedicated to my late Uncle Bugsy.

Over the course of 2 weeks I have seen injustice, sadness, grief, joy, life, misery, and death. All teaching me more in 2 weeks than I have in years. Because a week ago today i lost my uncle bugsy. One of the greatest people you would ever meet. He died of a massive heart attack that made him suffer for a week exactly.

Now I am a girl of structure, neatness, organization, some may refer to me as anal. But I like to be on top of things, even ahead of the game. I am also feisty. Leading me to be a often stressed out and anxiety girl. Losing him changed all of this.

People lose loved ones everyday. I am not asking for pity, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Out of every bad situation there is good. This is my good.

Some of what I am about to say you may already know and live by. However they are now engrained into my very being.

1. Trust your gut. Even if you are told otherwise.
2. Always go to the doctor. Don’t lie around for days. Cause you may not have many more.
3. Whatever is stressing you out will be there long after you are gone. It can wait.
4. If you don’t work you aren’t worth the powder to blow you up.
5. Know your family’s medical history. With that history do research. Find out what steps to take to avoid it.
6. Seize each day. It could be your last.
7. Let go of upsetting emotions; such as road rage, holding grudges, etc. it’s over and done, no amount of yelling or crying will change that.
8. Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
9. Be proud of who you are.
10. Never take it for granted. You never realize how valuable it is till it is gone.
11. Protect your siblings, someday they may be all you have.
12. Use manners.
13. Always, always, always, make yourself happy above all else. You only get one go at life. Make it count.
14. Always say I love you.

There it is. The end.
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If you have a life lesson share it below. And or you have a funny story of how you learned this lesson share it as well. We always love a good laugh at others expense. 🙂

Rant of the week

My rant of the week is: people need to mind their own business.
If I tell you something that is going. I meant for you to know not everyone and their grandpa! It’s annoying when your business is not your own. Everyone else apparently has to know about it! If people would mind their own dang business the world would be a better place.
I know we need to know things about others. But there’s a line people! Think about what your gonna say before you say it! Cause everyone is different. What you may think as nice will agitate another.
Which leads me to say stop the gossip. And always think of the other opinions in the room. Not everything has to be a Tolman argument! If more people thought about others the world would be a better place as well.
Finally when you view things from the other side you have a better understanding and are less likely to be angry or upset. Next time your mad at your boyfriend evaluate the situation factoring in their view and more likely than not you will realize the issue is able to be worked through. We work though our differences so we don’t turn into the hunger games. Lol

I have a lot on my mind. Therefore I figured I would share my feelings on the topic.

Comments welcome!