2017 The Year of Challenges!

Howdy Y’all!

So, I posted recently about my resolutions this year. I said things about taking more steps this year. Which was a simple resolution which I had hoped would push me to become healthier.
After an episode of abuse, my knee was injured pretty bad muscular. To the point where even now it hurts chronically. I am not obese. The past few months I have felt better about my body than I ever have. However, I hope that by lowering my weight I will lower my blood pressure, and the pain in my knee will subside.
Therefore, I have decided to partake in a few healthy challenges, and hope that by blogging about them and posting them on social media I will stick to them.

The overall challenge I hope to accomplish is working out 1 hour a day for 100 days. That means working out 1 hour everyday for a whole year. Now, I do not have a gym membership and I do work a lot, therefore my workouts will consist of things I can do in my bedroom, or easily throughout the day. I hope to continue this challenge for a whole year. However, I like to set realistic goals, that way I do not become upset with myself.

To tie into my overall challenge, I plan on participating in a 100 days of push-up challenges. I will do as many push-ups as I can everyday for 100 days. This is will hopefully get me to become more fit and active, all while counting into my 1 hour workout every day.

Next! The sit up challenge! Just like the push-up challenge, I will do as many sit-ups as I can everyday for 100 days. This challenge will also tie into my 1 hour workout for 100 days.

Also, I am going to partake in a hydration challenge. Where I will drink 7 water bottles a day (or their equivalent since I do not normally drink out of plastic bottles for environmental reasons).

Finally, the last challenge I will partake in will be a vegetarian challenge. I was a vegetarian when I was in high school, however after a bout of sickness I started eating meat again. I would like to become vegetarian again (something I was not allowed to do in my past relationship). To work myself up to this, I will start by eating one meat-less meal once a day for 2 weeks. Then 2 meatless meals a day for 3 weeks. Then 3 meatless meals a day for 5 weeks. Hopefully to make this a life goal and a healthy change.

Of course, I will be updating BlushingFlora’s Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr where I will post how well I have done every day. So, if you are wanting some inspiration to get in shape 2017, check on BlushingFlora media outlets. I will be posting my updates mostly on Twitter and maybe Tumblr.

I hope you will check out my progress to help keep me on track! Also, if you have started any healthy incentives for 2017 and track it on social media let me know in the comments below so I can follow you!

Let’s do this! Forward to a healthy 2017!

Motivational Monday


I am just about to graduate college (this Saturday) so I took the weekend off to spend time with the main one and relax. But, today is Monday! The beginning of the week! So we have to start it off right with a Motivational Monday! Let’s get this week headed in the right direction!

First, I wanna share a picture with you all.

Above, is a crocheted infinity scarf in the process using my own pattern using a bobble stitch. 

My mother taught me how to crochet when I was young. I have always been interested in crafts. My mother could not sew, but she could crochet and embroider like no one else. She passed both of these trades on to me. Both of which I enjoy very much. 

My mom basically raised me and my older sister herself, even before my parents divorced my dad worked strange hours and went out with friends. Leaving all three of us to spend time together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always have been and always will be closer to my mom. 

While, I was out and about I saw this box of fun!

This is a kit from the company Seedling. (Not endorsed) that has things inside of it such as: cards, balloon boat, drawing book, dominos, etc.. All things you could do with someone. The pack is geared towards more little ones. However, anyone could use this! I think it could be a fun date night box or a rainy day box. 

To tie my mother and this pack together. When I was in college I became really sick. Most of it had to do with anxiety and mental illness. My mother being the Wonder Woman she is, made me a box. A calm box if you would. It contained: coloring books she made, crayons, a toy, a small craft kit, a stress reliever, a stuffed animal, and some snacks. I’m sure there was more but these things stand out. I had one box at school and one at home for when I came home on weekends. This box really helped and made me feel better and loved. 

Making these boxes are easy. You can go to the nearest dollar store and gather supplies. That is where my mother got the toy, stuffed animal, and craft kit. There is someone in your life who could use one it may even be yourself. Winter is coming where I am and in many places. I imagine the elderly would love to have a busy box of sorts. It could even be a wonderful Christmas present. 

There are an extraordinary amount of people out there who struggle with anxiety and other issues. We have to remember that just because your brain doesn’t work like theirs doesn’t make what they are going through any less real and terrifying. Your body is going against itself it seems.

If you know someone who could benefit from a box such as the pack above make them one. Also, if you haven’t talked to your mom or whoever is your mother figure in a while, call her, shoot her a text. 

We have to take care of one another or else nothing is going to get better, it’s really not.