2017 The Year of Challenges!

Howdy Y’all!

So, I posted recently about my resolutions this year. I said things about taking more steps this year. Which was a simple resolution which I had hoped would push me to become healthier.
After an episode of abuse, my knee was injured pretty bad muscular. To the point where even now it hurts chronically. I am not obese. The past few months I have felt better about my body than I ever have. However, I hope that by lowering my weight I will lower my blood pressure, and the pain in my knee will subside.
Therefore, I have decided to partake in a few healthy challenges, and hope that by blogging about them and posting them on social media I will stick to them.

The overall challenge I hope to accomplish is working out 1 hour a day for 100 days. That means working out 1 hour everyday for a whole year. Now, I do not have a gym membership and I do work a lot, therefore my workouts will consist of things I can do in my bedroom, or easily throughout the day. I hope to continue this challenge for a whole year. However, I like to set realistic goals, that way I do not become upset with myself.

To tie into my overall challenge, I plan on participating in a 100 days of push-up challenges. I will do as many push-ups as I can everyday for 100 days. This is will hopefully get me to become more fit and active, all while counting into my 1 hour workout every day.

Next! The sit up challenge! Just like the push-up challenge, I will do as many sit-ups as I can everyday for 100 days. This challenge will also tie into my 1 hour workout for 100 days.

Also, I am going to partake in a hydration challenge. Where I will drink 7 water bottles a day (or their equivalent since I do not normally drink out of plastic bottles for environmental reasons).

Finally, the last challenge I will partake in will be a vegetarian challenge. I was a vegetarian when I was in high school, however after a bout of sickness I started eating meat again. I would like to become vegetarian again (something I was not allowed to do in my past relationship). To work myself up to this, I will start by eating one meat-less meal once a day for 2 weeks. Then 2 meatless meals a day for 3 weeks. Then 3 meatless meals a day for 5 weeks. Hopefully to make this a life goal and a healthy change.

Of course, I will be updating BlushingFlora’s Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr where I will post how well I have done every day. So, if you are wanting some inspiration to get in shape 2017, check on BlushingFlora media outlets. I will be posting my updates mostly on Twitter and maybe Tumblr.

I hope you will check out my progress to help keep me on track! Also, if you have started any healthy incentives for 2017 and track it on social media let me know in the comments below so I can follow you!

Let’s do this! Forward to a healthy 2017!

Europe, Teaching, and Crocheting!

Welcome my loves!

Today I am going to be sharing my New Year Resolutions with you all. I have decided to list my top 6. Knowing that they are out there, I will be more likely to stick to them. Granted, I am not one of these people to make crazy resolutions that I know I cannot and will not keep. Thus, this is more of a vision board than anything else. Full of hopes for the year 2017.

First of all! I hope to do more traveling this year. Hopefully abroad to Europe, but even a change of scenery here in the states would be welcomed.


Secondly, I am going to land a teaching job this year. This ties into traveling more, because I am trying to get a job teaching abroad in Europe. So far no leads, but main hiring season has not started yet. So fingers crossed!


Third, in response to mental health awareness I have a BIG crochet project planned. I will be crocheting an afghan, where I will be chronicling my daily moods and overall mental health by the color of the yarn. (Red- bad, yellow- happy, blue- calm… etc) I will be doing this to hopefully raise awareness for mental health. I expect it to look similar to the afghan below.


Fourth, I have a goal to take more steps. Everyone makes a healthy life choice goal. Mine is to get in more steps. I am not crazy, I do not intend to lose a crazy amount of weight. However, I have been sedentary over the holidays and would like to break that with taking in more steps each day.


Fifth, I am going to save more money this year! I have always been tight with my money. However, while in my relationship I ended up blowing all of my savings (3,000 and upwards) to care for my significant other. Sadly, leaving me broke. But, I have already started to save my spare change in a beautiful jar I may share with you all to help get my savings back up to where they were.


Finally, I plan on working on volunteering more in my community and otherwise. I used to donate a great portion of my time to helping others. Although, with everything lately (past year) that has affected me mentally, emotionally, and physically I have not had the time, nor motivation to help. I plan to break that cycle and help as much as I can. If you know of any charities that are in need link them in the comments!


Well, that is all folks! Those are my main goals/resolutions for the year 2017. If you have any resolutions you would like to share you can post them in the comments or link me to your resolution post. I get inspiration from you guys after-all!

I hope you all have a lovely New Year celebration and stay safe!

I will see you in 2017!