Transformation Tuesday 

This post is SUPER late, it is almost Wednesday where I live! But, I needed to share with you my vintage formal dress for my transformation Tuesday. 
Stare in amazement:

It is a vintage black formal gown with gold, black, and silver beading on the top that stops at the natural waist. 

In its full glory:

This marvellous piece of clothing was given to me by a family member in great condition! All it needed as a few extra beads added on, some re-stitching of the hem where it has been stepped on and ripped out, and finally some adjustments to the elastic that helps hold the dress up.

This dress is by far one of my favorite finds and pieces! It is by far more stellar in person! I mean who can go wrong with a black dress?! 

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Stay thrifty my friends!


Fathers’ Day Card and Gift How-To

  • fathers day card printable idea and homemade gift
















This is my daddy’s fathers’ day superman card, along with a super disguise coffee mug! All handmade by yours truly! 🙂

Inside of the card reads: “Happy fathers’ day to one super dad! We love you superdad! xoxo”    How cute is that?! 

When you are thinking about what to get someone for a special occasion, think about what they like and what reminds you of them. Also handmade items are always kept close to heart.

For my dads card, I knew I wanted to make his card. I asked him what he wanted and he said a card. So I went a little farther than the run of the mill cards he is expecting. When I think of my dad I think of Marvel, DC, Superman, Dinosaurs, Stone Soup, Comic Cons, cats, a tie, and every super hero movie we have seen together. My father is a history buff and loves comics, superman, green lantern, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Etc.  So what better than a superman card for father’s day?!

First I will show you how to make your card!

Superman Card

Project rated: Beginner

What you will need:

  • Card Stock! I bought mine at Wal-Mart in a pack of 4 colors.
  • Scissors
  • Self healing mat
  • X-acto knife
  • Some form of glue or double-sided tape. I used a scrap-book tape runner.
  • Template
  • Pen
  1. Find a template that has what you need. I used this one here
  2. Simply print it out on regular white printer paper, then remove the black areas with your scissors. or X-acto knife on a healing mat if you have those. Once you have removed the black area you are left with the part of the superman logo that is red.
  3. Add tape to the right side of white superman logo. Stick down the logo backwards tape side down to a piece of red card stock.
  4. Remember how you removed the black area with printer paper logo? Well you are going to do the same thing again with logo you have just taped down, cutting around the white parts of the logo.
  5. ALMOST DONE! Add tape to the wrong side of the logo. (The part where you can see the white) Tape the logo down to a yellow piece of cardstock. Now it looks like it is coming together!
  6. Cut around the logo so you don’t see yellow around the edges. DO NOT CUT ON THE INSIDE OF THE LOGO!
  7. Fold a piece of blue card stock in half
  8. Tape your finished logo down to the front anyway you prefer.
  9. Write a cute message for your papa inside!

Now that you have your super card you need a super disguise! Tie optional!

Superhero Disguise Mug

Project rated: Beginner

Here is what you will need:

  • A ceramic mug (Mine was a dollar from the dollar tree!)
  • Non-toxic Ceramic or acrylic paint in your color choices
  • A sealer, Modge Podge, Etc.
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper towel for mistakes
  • A template for your design
  1. Print out a template for your moustache and tie. I free-handed mine, you can too if you are brave.
  2. Either paint a moustache at the top in your color choice inside a template of free hand.
  3. Once that dries give it another coat.
  4. Now repeat the same method for the tie. Also giving it another coat.
  5. Once the paint has completely dried cover with a sealer to protect it.
  6. Put date on the bottom with a permanent marker along with name.
  7. If you are just going to make a moustache mug for your father or just a tie mug. You can write him a happy fathers’ day message on the other side with permanent markers.

I’m really happy with the way both projects turned out!  Tomorrow is father’s day I know but it is not to late to make both or either one of these projects!

 Enjoy this fathers’ day and keep it crafty!


Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

This is a recipe for a sugar hand scrub. This is my mothers personal favorite. She always raves about how soft it leaves her hands and how great it smells. You may alter the recipe to your liking.

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

Project rating: Beginner

What you will need:

– Small container (I used a baby food sized plastic glad container. because they were on sale)

– Dawn Olay hand renewal (the pink pomegranate splash)

– Sugar

– A spoon to mix with (I used a regular teaspoon from the kitchen)


1. Lay everything out.

2. Fill your container half way full of sugar.

3. Add in your Dawn hand renewal.

4. Mix

5. Keep adding parts of sugar and Soap to achieve the thickness you want. Id go for a paste like consistency.

6. Decorate and give or use.

here is the finished product!

how to recipe pomegranate sugar scrub ingredients easy








Here is the decoration on top

sugar pomegranate hand scrub easy decoration








And here is the lather it makes!

pomegranate sugar scrub lather








This was by far the easiest scrub I have ever made! It works great as well! I have given these away as gifts with much success.  These would be wonderful bridesmaid gifts!

If you are not crafty or do not have the time to make these, you may always buy them in my store. 

If you alter the recipe or want to share you thoughts please let me know in the comments! Thanks for visiting!

What is ahead!

Hello Stitchamaroo faithful readers! And Newbies! I have not been able to post anything for a very long time due to demanding school work and graduation.  NOW that all that is over I have focused more on crafting! and I have a whole bunch of posts lined up perfect for the summer time! 

What to look forward to:

– White lace covered sunglasses

– junk jewelry

– Easy wash out hair dye

– inspiration for the crafting soul

And much more! Sorry for the jet lag! I hope everyone enjoys what is in store! 🙂

FLASHBACK!!! Kids activity book! No sew!!

felt kids activity book







Revisit post! If you remember I have posted some pictures before, but now I am going to give you a quick overall tutorial so you can make this adorable activity book for your cutie pie! Okay!
I have to share this little project that I started on that is virtually no-sew!!! Yes, I said an easy NO-SEW project! There are so many endless possibilities for this project! The size I made is perfect for on the go moms to slip down in their purse to entertain their child on a car ride or in a waiting room, or anywhere. Its mess free because the velcro on the back the kids can stick it down and go, and moms can rest assured no pieces will be left behind! So take a peek below at the kids felt activity book and let your mind wander and imagine all sorts of possibilities for your kids book!

Please note that mine is not completed for the fact that I ran out of velcro pieces….

Project rated: beginner
Time needed: 2 hours tops
Here is what you will need for this activity book:
– around 3 or 4 pages of felt depending upon the size of your book. (mine was small enough to easily fit in a handbag. However you could easily make the book as big as the whole piece of felt if you wish.)
– hot glue sticks
– hot glue gun
– felty scraps
– Velcro dots or cut up Velcro strips.
– embellishments
– a little artistic skill or stencils 🙂

Here is how you do it:
– take your pieces (mine already were rectangles so I just cut them to the desires size across) measure them, marking lightly with pencil.
– cut along the mark across. Using a ruler if necessary to keep nice straight lines.
– repeat for all as many pages as you desire.
– NOTE: your strips should look like long rectangles kept sideways or horizontal.
– measure and find the center or your strips.
– use the center to put a line of hot glue.
– Place your next page over top of it.
– repeat for all pages.
– now that you have your pages it is time to plan what will be on them.
– once you have your ideas break out the felty scraps and artistic ability! (or stencils.)
– make your pieces. Hot glue down the pieces that are not interactive. And hot glue down Velcro dots to the back of the interactive pieces. (some pages have places to put the dots: the doll, tic-tac-toe, etc. otherwise I have found that the sticky side of the Velcro sticks well to the felt.)
– finish the inside of the book and embellish the cover as you see fit!

The possibilities with this project. So have fun with it and be creative. Your child will live the interactive aspect. Keeping them occupied during a long drive, waiting room, meeting, or a new favorite toy. As a kid I loved toys like this and had fun making it.

Here is the index: ocean, flower outdoors, clothes for doll, doll, more clothes, design your own pizza, tic-tac-toe.

No Sew Kids felt activity book easyThis is the front or cover of the activity booklet. Notice mine is still blank, I am debating adding ribbon and button loop closure. Along with my God Sister’s name.

Under Water Felt activity book for kidsHere is the underwater scene which comes directly after the cover page. Blue underwater background. And it has two velcro fishies your child can interact with. Glup Glup.

Floral Felt activity book for kids

Since my activity book was for a little girl I included a flower garden page. Including 2 flower pieces and 2 butterflies. If you had a little boy you could easily accommodate.

Dress up no sew kids activity book

Here we have the dress up doll, the velcro dots are where she can add clothes to her. Which I have some examples of the clothes I have made below. I did the face with a sharpie. 🙂

Clothes that she can put on the doll above to dress her up.  I also have hair dos on the other page.

I did not show that much but this will at least hopefully get your crafty wheels turning!

Remember to be creative and make it specific to your child.  All this combined and you will have a long-lasting toy they wont want to put down. 

Comment if you have any questions or to share the love 🙂

Thanks for reading and keep it crafty out there!!!

ModCloth inspired military dress from a thrift store find

Okay let us face the truth my fellow crafters, we normally start our crafts to meet a need or want.  I started to craft to get the things I wanted, for example a cute tote bag, a feather hair peice, or the perfect skirt.  When I meet my needs by crafting they are not exact replicas but they are close and a whole lot cheaper.  Fabric however has become more expensive, leading most handy dandy crafters to patrole thrift stores for useable fabric, cheap plates, and peices that can be altered.  Changing thrift store items are some of my favorite crafts. 

Lately I have been craving the cute ultra mini dresses out there.  Plus I love the toughness of the military style with cute girly girl accents such as heels and bows.  While thrift store shopping I found this dress, featured below.  I knew it had great potential. 

How I altered this dress was easy peasy.  Since it was pretty much my size *the tie back helps me make the dress tighter when neccesary*. All I had to do was cut and hem the bottom and sleeves. 

This dress cost me less than 2 dollars!!!!

Here was some of my inspiration: *images via ModCloth

image of Under Cerulean Skies Dress in Wheat

image of Dream Dressing Room Dress

Project rated – Begginer

How to:

– Find a dresses that you would like to have.

– Look through thrift stores fo something similar.

-Find a thrift dress your size but not your style.

– measure from the seam line attaching the skirt to the bodice and measure to the length you desire.  NOTE: have someone else do this part for you while the dress is on!!!

– Mark with chalk.

-Cut where you marked.

– Repeat for sleeves.


– Press your new dress.

– Put it on and bask in your handmade glory.

Here is my dress before my alterations:

Grandma thrift store military dress neon socks

Dont you just love neon socks!? Well I do, as you can see this dress screams GRANDMA!!

…. FINALLY! here is my updated version of this dress by alteration!







short cute military style revamped dress stitchamaroo

Miss Fluff N’ Stuff just couldn’t stay out of the shot, she can’t be away from her mommy for one second! No she can’t! *stop baby talk*

Once again keep in mind that my mother has to shoot my pictures so they will not be the quality I would like to have… If only I could do both… One day.







Here are some more views

short cute style military dress refashioned

beautiful military style dress boots refashioned

beautiful OOAK military mini dress handmade

Thanks for reading!

Now get out there and start making!! 🙂

DIY Bride Build your own veil

Build a veil is where you tell me exactly how you want your veil to look on your big day and I make it exactly how you describe. Here is what to think about when desgining your own veil.
– Tulle or netting color
– How long
– What you want on your veil, (feathers, flowers, lace, etc.)
– What style
– When you need it (I will need time to make it, do not tell me a week before your day.)
– How you are going to attach your veil. (this mostly depends on your hair style. If you are not for sure send me a picture of your ideal wedding hair and I will make a choice based on easy to insert.)

I also will do fascinators, birdcages, and any flowers you want to wear on your big day.  If interested and want to see more pictures please let me know and I will get them to you via email.

Here is a select few of my work:

Kids Felt Activity Book! NO-SEW!!

Okay! So I have postponed the pot holder caddy tute!  Reason being, I have to share this little project that I started on that is virtually no-sew!!!  Yes, I said an easy NO-SEW project!  I will not be posting a tute for this project, because there are so many endless possibilities for this project!  The size I made is perfect for on the go moms to slip down in their purse to entertain their child on a car ride or in a waiting room, or anywhere.  Its mess free because the velcro on the back the kids can stick it down and go, and moms can rest assured no pieces will be left behind!  So take a peek below at the kids felt activity book and let your mind wander and imagine all sorts of possibilities for your kids book!  If interested in buying a activity book instead please email me at

 Please note that mine is not completed for the fact that I ran out of velcro pieces….

Here is the index: ocean, flower outdoors, clothes for doll, doll, more clothes, design your own pizza, tic-tac-toe.

Unfinished Cover


First page ocean


Page Two Flowers


Page Three Doll Clothes


Page Four Dress-up Doll

Okay that is all of that.  I have more pages but those are the completed ones.  So I hope you take this idea and run with it!  There are so many other possibilities that you can make for pages, you can make them specific to your child.  🙂
In MaeFlyOriginals news:
I have made a floral candle holder.  Perfect for weddings! This item is posted in my online store  
You tell me what color roses or flower you want (one from your bouquet or scheme would be ideal).  And pick your color of ribbon around the base (does not have to be the same color as the flower).  Then let me know if you would like to have a candle already included in your candle holder (if so what color).  Finally, Let me know how many you would like to have.  Ask about wholesale discounts.

Rose Pink Candle Holder

Here is another item I have for sale in my store.  It is a wire wrapped rose quartz necklace. Check it out at my studio or at the link below.
 Rose quartz wire wrapped necklace on a black cord romance 
Now I will end this wonderful post with wonderful pictures of my pets.  I have a new addition!  My stepmom got me a baby bunny at a auction!!  He is the cutest thing ever!!! And his name is Nova. 🙂  Also here is my dog Spec, who is supposed to be a hunting dog… but cannot hunt, fore he has sinus trouble. lol





Bows Baby!

Long white wedding veil with red glitter roses french barrett clip

This is one of my veils that I have for sale.  It is long, and white, with red glitter roses on a french barrett clip.  The price is $22.00.  I make custom veils and bows, so if you are having a handmade wedding, I can hand make your veil.  Message me specifying colors and length. Check it out here:

Ivory flower hair clip with a gold center and white feathers

This is one of my flower clips on sale for $8.00.  The flower is cream with a gold button center, white feathers and on an alligator clip.  Would be a perfect bridal accessory, or bridesmaids accessory.  Handmade with care.  If interested in feathered flower clip, they can be custom-made.  Check it out here:

Candy Rainbow Bow

SALE!!!!!!! This particular bow is on sale for ONLY $4.00!!!!! A COMPLETE STEAL!!  So cute, named candy rainbow, for all the colors present in the ribbon. Very bright and colorful to add a pop of color to any outfit!  Check it out here:

To look at more of my bows and bridal accessories please view my website.


Today I decided to showcase my bows.  If you are an artist, and would like to showcase your wares or pictures please let me know so I can feature your artworks.

This evening I had the most AMAZING dinner! It was garlic and olive oil baked chicken over noodles with parmesan cheese!  After having 2 servings and being stuffed and in love!  I decided that I will share this recipe this Sunday!  So check by Sunday to get Shawn’s AMAZING baked chicken pasta!!! Then try it!!

If you enjoy any recipes, patterns, tutes, and posts, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email!  I enjoy getting feedback and knowing you all enjoy my posts.

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