Hello lovelies!

So, today I completed the ritual and went Black Friday shopping. I did not see anything I really needed or wanted this year in the stores. However, the MR. loves gaming so I decided to take him to Game Stop to check out their sale.

He was really wanting a shirt that said, “Make America Game Again”. Although, by the time we arrive, around 11:00 our time; they were already sold out. So sad.
Alas, I made up for it by getting him this mystery FUNKO box! It has two POP figures inside and two smaller blind box figures. There was a chance you could get a rare GOLD POP figure inside as well.

Game Stop also had their World of Warcraft blind figurines on sale as well for like $1.47 so I got him two of those as well!

Now, if you know anything about me, I LOVE SURPRISES! I love mystery blind boxes, and things of the sort. So really this gift was a win on my part as well!

We didn’t get the gold figurine. However I think we got some cool things!

Check it!


In our FUNKO box we received a large yellow Power Ranger (my personal favorite Power Ranger) He looks more gold in real life however, his paint is more metallic. He is cool! Also we received THE ENCHANTRESS!!! MY FAVORITE!! I squealed when we opened her. She is just too cool for everything!
Inside the FUNKO box there were also two blind Five Nights at Freddy’s bags. One has a metallic silver robotic looking Foxy. The other one we have no idea what character it is! It is super cute little white sad ghosty-goo! Sadly, I am not familiar with Five Nights at Freddy’s other than the main characters. So if you know who that little guy is PLEASE let me know in the comments! I would appreciate it!


On to the World of Warcraft figures, we got King Llane Wrynn and Lady Taria Wrynn. Husband and wife in the Warcraft movie. Which the MR. and I went to see when it came out. Getting them seemed like a perfect way to end our shopping day.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Black Friday Haul!
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Don’t forget if you know the name of the little guy above comment it below!

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