DIY Large pearl Bobby Pins

I hope you all are all enjoying the start of your summers! I do not know if everyone is off for summer holiday yet, but if you are not it should be around the corner. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere and are about to start winter. Maybe I should do a winter in summer DIY for those of you on the southern hemisphere. What do you think?

Today is another hair accessory DIY, I will be showing you how to make THE EASIEST hair accessories EVER! And they look gorgeous in your hair which is a big plus.

For this DIY you will us a glue gun! We all love our easy peasy glue gun DIY’s, I know I do.

In all honesty you could get all the items necessary at a local dollar store which makes this a wonderful Dollar Store craft!
This DIY cost me in all about a dollar. There is no reason not to make this DIY!

Without further ado let’s get started!

Large Pearl Bobby Pins

What you will need: 

– Bobby Pins
– Pearl Beads (mine came out of a dollar bag from Wal-Mart)
– Glue Gun

1. Gather your materials.
2. Add some glue to the end of your bobby pin.
3. Press your pearl bead onto the glue.


4. Let dry completely.
5. WEAR!


I have simply put them into a bun as you can see here.


And you can wear as many or as few as you want!


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Do you think making your own hair accessories are better than purchasing them from a store? Let me know in the comments below!
Have a good summer all!


Tuna Salad Hack!


How is everyone today?! Yesterday I posted about the night light chandelier, go check it out!

I am on a low sodium diet to help with fluid retention from my Meniere’s disease. This can make food to eat hard to find on a college kid’s budget. I really enjoy a nice tuna melt, so here is my tuna salad hack!

Low Sodium Tuna Salad


-Light tuna in water (1 can)

-Tarter Sauce (2 Tablespoons)

Step 1


Drain your tuna and put in a bowl for mixing!

Step 2


Now this can be the tricky part! When you choose your tarter sauce pay close attention to the sodium and serving size. I am using Kraft as an example! The tarter sauce I have came from the dollar tree and it had 140mg per 2 tablespoons.

Step 3


Step 4

Make a melt, eat on crackers, make a sandwich! Eat it up!


Okay so you may be thinking this is gross, Mae you’ve gone crazy! I’m not, its good, I enjoy it; my mom got me to try it. It substitutes for mayo and relish saving you on sodium intake.

If you guys do try it out let me know if you liked it or not!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep stopping by to see what’s new!

Keep it crafty out there guys!

DIY Night Light Covers

Hello there lovely’s! I’m sorry that I have been long neglecting posting! Life can get out of hand sometimes, I was told that I am going to go completely deaf. Which is scary! But I am strong and I am going to be okay.

Now the reason for this post is to show all you lovely gals and perhaps guys how to make your own mini chandelier for your dorm!

If your room is set up similar to mine I have an outlet right next to my bed, this makes a nightlight and phone charger perfect at night! They are really simple to make and really add a razzle dazzle to your humble dorm home. These could also be fun to make with some friends, or sorority sisters, and perhaps make some and sell in your building.

Alright lets get started!


Items required:

– 14 Size 2 Safety Pin

– Tri-beads

– small faceted round beads

– 2 pieces of 20 gauge wire approximately 7 inches in length.

– needle nose pliers



Put your beads on the wire. You can see the pattern here! But I’m sure you could be creative and make your own beading pattern. When choosing colors you could pick school colors, sorority colors, or simply your favorite colors like I did here!



Take your needle nose pliers now and crimp the opening (where you close the safety pin) closed so it cannot come open, this will aid you later on while you are putting it together it also helps it last longer.




Round one end of the wire with your pliers so that when you are stringing the safety pins and beads they wont fall off the end of the wire.




Start stringing your pins and beads on the wire, on the small side of the safety pin (the side that doesn’t open or close) it should be tri-bead, pin, tri-bead, pin… etc.



Now once you have all 14 pins strung with the tri-beads between it is time to tighten it. Use your hands to pull it pretty tight then use your pliers to twist it as tight as you can and tuck the wire where it wont stab you.



Okay so flip all your pins to where they are facing the same direction. Here is an example of what you should be seeing right now.



You are doing the same ting as before, only now the round beads will be used between each pin.



Once you have strung the other end of the pins you tighten the wire and tuck the strand away just like you did in STEP 5. Here shows you what it will look like sitting on the light.



Finally! Plug that baby in and enjoy how pretty it is and how awesome you are for making it yourself. Every time a friend comes over they will ask what it is, and then once you show them they will tell you how cute it is. Which you can say “Thanks, I made it!” They will be surprised and you will feel proud.

If you feel overwhelmed about this project, take a deep breath. I am debating posting kits on my Etsy store, and maybe some pre-made ones.

Thank you guys for reading how to make your own mini nightlight chandelier.

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Keep it crafty out there!!!