Motivational Monday


I am just about to graduate college (this Saturday) so I took the weekend off to spend time with the main one and relax. But, today is Monday! The beginning of the week! So we have to start it off right with a Motivational Monday! Let’s get this week headed in the right direction!

First, I wanna share a picture with you all.

Above, is a crocheted infinity scarf in the process using my own pattern using a bobble stitch. 

My mother taught me how to crochet when I was young. I have always been interested in crafts. My mother could not sew, but she could crochet and embroider like no one else. She passed both of these trades on to me. Both of which I enjoy very much. 

My mom basically raised me and my older sister herself, even before my parents divorced my dad worked strange hours and went out with friends. Leaving all three of us to spend time together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always have been and always will be closer to my mom. 

While, I was out and about I saw this box of fun!

This is a kit from the company Seedling. (Not endorsed) that has things inside of it such as: cards, balloon boat, drawing book, dominos, etc.. All things you could do with someone. The pack is geared towards more little ones. However, anyone could use this! I think it could be a fun date night box or a rainy day box. 

To tie my mother and this pack together. When I was in college I became really sick. Most of it had to do with anxiety and mental illness. My mother being the Wonder Woman she is, made me a box. A calm box if you would. It contained: coloring books she made, crayons, a toy, a small craft kit, a stress reliever, a stuffed animal, and some snacks. I’m sure there was more but these things stand out. I had one box at school and one at home for when I came home on weekends. This box really helped and made me feel better and loved. 

Making these boxes are easy. You can go to the nearest dollar store and gather supplies. That is where my mother got the toy, stuffed animal, and craft kit. There is someone in your life who could use one it may even be yourself. Winter is coming where I am and in many places. I imagine the elderly would love to have a busy box of sorts. It could even be a wonderful Christmas present. 

There are an extraordinary amount of people out there who struggle with anxiety and other issues. We have to remember that just because your brain doesn’t work like theirs doesn’t make what they are going through any less real and terrifying. Your body is going against itself it seems.

If you know someone who could benefit from a box such as the pack above make them one. Also, if you haven’t talked to your mom or whoever is your mother figure in a while, call her, shoot her a text. 

We have to take care of one another or else nothing is going to get better, it’s really not. 


Transformation Tuesday 

This post is SUPER late, it is almost Wednesday where I live! But, I needed to share with you my vintage formal dress for my transformation Tuesday. 
Stare in amazement:

It is a vintage black formal gown with gold, black, and silver beading on the top that stops at the natural waist. 

In its full glory:

This marvellous piece of clothing was given to me by a family member in great condition! All it needed as a few extra beads added on, some re-stitching of the hem where it has been stepped on and ripped out, and finally some adjustments to the elastic that helps hold the dress up.

This dress is by far one of my favorite finds and pieces! It is by far more stellar in person! I mean who can go wrong with a black dress?! 

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Stay thrifty my friends!

DIY Large pearl Bobby Pins

I hope you all are all enjoying the start of your summers! I do not know if everyone is off for summer holiday yet, but if you are not it should be around the corner. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere and are about to start winter. Maybe I should do a winter in summer DIY for those of you on the southern hemisphere. What do you think?

Today is another hair accessory DIY, I will be showing you how to make THE EASIEST hair accessories EVER! And they look gorgeous in your hair which is a big plus.

For this DIY you will us a glue gun! We all love our easy peasy glue gun DIY’s, I know I do.

In all honesty you could get all the items necessary at a local dollar store which makes this a wonderful Dollar Store craft!
This DIY cost me in all about a dollar. There is no reason not to make this DIY!

Without further ado let’s get started!

Large Pearl Bobby Pins

What you will need: 

– Bobby Pins
– Pearl Beads (mine came out of a dollar bag from Wal-Mart)
– Glue Gun

1. Gather your materials.
2. Add some glue to the end of your bobby pin.
3. Press your pearl bead onto the glue.


4. Let dry completely.
5. WEAR!


I have simply put them into a bun as you can see here.


And you can wear as many or as few as you want!


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Do you think making your own hair accessories are better than purchasing them from a store? Let me know in the comments below!
Have a good summer all!

Color Blocked Terracotta Planter

Hello everyone! I really hoped you enjoyed my last post about the gold-rimmed terracotta planter DIY. You can find that here if you haven’t gotten to view it yet.

This DIY builds upon the gold-rimmed terracotta planter I mentioned above.
For those of you who cannot find or do not have the brown terracotta pots where you are, this is a fix for that not so pleasant orangey terracotta color. Combining two really chic trends right now: gold rim and color blocking!
This DIY can also be used on other planters that you find plain, boring, or ugly.

Let’s begin!

Color Blocked Terracotta Planter

What you need: 
– Terracotta Planter
– Acrylic Paint
– Sealer (optional)

1. Prep your pot by washing and drying it.
2. Prep your work area to prevent paint from getting on anything of value.
3. Paint you planter! I started with the larger end and then did the rim last.
4. Seal and protect. (optional) Remember to do this part outside or in a well ventilated area.

This is what you should have!

color blocked terracotta planter

I am super happy with how this turned out! At first I though this was going to be a bust, but once it was done it grew on me and now it is honestly one of my favorite and most simple DIY’s!

This is wonderful to turn an ugly or plain planter into something stylish and chic that you will want to look at and plant something in!

Get out there and get painting!
Happy crafting!

Tuna Salad Hack!


How is everyone today?! Yesterday I posted about the night light chandelier, go check it out!

I am on a low sodium diet to help with fluid retention from my Meniere’s disease. This can make food to eat hard to find on a college kid’s budget. I really enjoy a nice tuna melt, so here is my tuna salad hack!

Low Sodium Tuna Salad


-Light tuna in water (1 can)

-Tarter Sauce (2 Tablespoons)

Step 1


Drain your tuna and put in a bowl for mixing!

Step 2


Now this can be the tricky part! When you choose your tarter sauce pay close attention to the sodium and serving size. I am using Kraft as an example! The tarter sauce I have came from the dollar tree and it had 140mg per 2 tablespoons.

Step 3


Step 4

Make a melt, eat on crackers, make a sandwich! Eat it up!


Okay so you may be thinking this is gross, Mae you’ve gone crazy! I’m not, its good, I enjoy it; my mom got me to try it. It substitutes for mayo and relish saving you on sodium intake.

If you guys do try it out let me know if you liked it or not!

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Keep it crafty out there guys!

DIY Flower Mirror

DIY Flower Mirror

(Shhhh! Its made from Dollar Store Items!)

Dorm Room Decor Spoon Flower Mirror Dollar Store DIY

Hello there my college companions!

Today I am going to show you how to make a fabulous flower mirror (made from plastic spoons!). I know that you may be almost a month into college like me, or you may have started like a week ago! Either way, if you are like me I am always hunting, scouring for that magical piece that makes a room whole, or adds a little touch of personality to the sad bland dorm. This mirror is made all from either recycled, or dollar store items! Yes you heard me right ladies.

Spoon Flower Mirror DIY Dollar store Flower Mirror DIY Dorm Decor

Project Level: Freshmen (Easy)

Time needed: Saturday afternoon worthy

Cost: Aprox. $3.00

What you will need:

  • Plastic Spoons (Clear works best!)
  • Spray Paint (Any color, just make sure it is okay for plastic!)
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mirror
  • Scrap of ribbon
  • Cardboard (An unwanted box works really well!)
  • The perfect place to hang it!


  1. Gather your materials.  I got most of my materials at the local Dollar Tree, I already had my glue gun, left over spray paint, an old box, and scrap ribbon.  But if you do not have those items do not fret! They can be easily obtained for almost nothing.
  2. Cut your old box (cardboard) into a circle.  My circle was not perfect, it doesnt have to be perfect, just cut it to the aproximate sie you want your flower to be. My circle is about 14 inches in diameter.
  3. Now that your circle is cut it is time to relieve some of that weekly stress! Its time to break some spoons! I found it easiest to break them by holding the spoon over a like a scrap of cardboard bowl part facing down, and to apply pressure to the neck of the spoon, so it breaks leaving you the bowl and some of the handle.  I found this way makes it easier to get a clean break. Dont worry if yous snap a few of the bowls during this part.  You should have plenty of left overs.
  4. Time to glue those spoons!  Start around the outer edge and work inward.  Be sure to leave a space for your mirror to fit!
  5. Now that your spoons are all glued you should have a clear flower.  Time to take that bad boy outside to spray down!  Just try to give it a nice even coat trying to hide the cardboard and avoid getting little paint pools in your spoons.
  6. Let dry!
  7. Once your flower has completely dried take it inside and hot glue your mirror to the center. It is starting to look pretty awesome by now. DIY Spoon Mirror Dorm Decor
  8. Cut or grab a scrap of ribbon. Flip your flower over and hot glue the ribbon in a loop shape on the cardboard where you want the hook to be when you hang it.

Flower Mirror DIY Dorm decor Spoon Flower Mirror Dorm Decor

9. Admire your amazing handy work, and hang it on your wall for all your roommates, Sorority Sisters, friends, and random bystanders to ooo and ahh at.

Dollar Store DIY Spoon Mirror

There you have it! If anything is unclear or you need another explanation shoot me comment, or check out .

Keeping you fabulous for less!


Being D.I.Y. Chic

Part of being DIY chic is taking every objects and transforming them into amazing creations with a few craft supplies and a ton of imagination!

I am a college student just like you, so I am busy as well, I will try to post as often as possible.

Here are upcoming posts:

– Fake Toms

– How to sew a button

– Fake designer necklace
So those are all exciting!  I am probably most excited about them! Stay tuned!

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How to do a lolita cosplay on a budget!

Alright. My sister is a huge fan of anime and manga.  She also loves things from japan.  I love styles from all around the world.  I am sure you are up to date with what Lolita fashion is.  If you weren’t you would not be reading this post.  My sister is an avid cosplayer.  I normally make her costumes for cons.  When she came to me a month ago.  Asking me to make her a Lolita outfit for a cosplay.  I got to work, excited for a new challenge.  I sew a lot.  But I understand that not everyone has the means, or the know how.  This will be an easy follow guide on how to put together your own Lolita cosplay for less!

  1. You need to imagine how you want yourself to look as a Lolita.  For the guide I will be using this as an example.  Floral Short Sleeves Cotton Lolita Suit
  2. Once you have an idea of what you wanna look like, you can either make your entire outfit. Or you can buy the pieces.  I made some of the pieces for my sister’s Lolita costume and bought the rest.  I made her skirt, and petticoat, and hair accessories. We bought her socks, shoes, and bedazzled a plain button down. By doing this you will save money.
  3. Either make your Lolita skirt, or buy one.  If you are small or normal size. I recommend If you want your skirt to be handmade to your body. I recommend you check out and  You can find people willing to make your skirt and sometimes for cheap.  For example this skirt it on etsy from ScarletCrafts The skirt is on sale, it comes to about 30 with shipping. Pink and White Polkadot Lolita Skirt
  4. Now that you have found a skirt that you like, decide what color of top that you want.  I recommend a white or black button down.  Then embellish.  like this one . 
  5. Then if you will be wearing an apron you can buy one offline or make your own.
  6. When thinking of how to add the umph or fluff to your skirt. Petticoats can merely be a tulle skirt! You can make a tutu like skirt by cutting strips of tulle and tieing them into a band of elastic measured to fit your waist.  This si the same way to make a tutu.  This will add volume to your skirt. here is an example:   
  7. Then you need to find bows and cute objects for your hair.  You can make a bow out of anything! Trust me!  An old sweater, felt, ribbon, playing cards.  You can also buy kawaii things for your hair like these cupcake bobby pins off etsy from LolitaChic: Kawaii Cupcake Bobby Pins 
  8. Once you have all the hair baubles and clothes gathered up it is game time!  Time for make-up and wigs.  My sister uses wigs instead of her own hair.  Where I prefer to just style my wavy locks.  Just do whatever works good for you.  A popular Lolita style is curly pig tails. Like this:  For adding temporary color to your hair, you can twist a strand and use a colored chalk pastel, or any other means you know of.
  9. For make up, fake eyelashes, can help, but mascarra, eyeliner, glitter, and lipstick will do just fine as well.  Dont leave your nails bare either! A plain coat of paint will satisfy.
  10. Once you are all dolled up you are ready to rock that Lolita style!

I hope these tips and tricks will help you achieve a Lolita look on a budget! If you want links to any of the pictures I just googled them, or looked around on etsy!

Keep it crafty!