Motivational Monday

Hello world,

I hope you all are having a lovely Monday wherever you are! Mondays are normally the hardest day of the week, coming off the weekend, getting back in the swing of things, and nothing goes as planned on a Monday! 

So I decided to share a little bit of inspiration/motivation with you all today.

While on a trip with my other half we stopped at a small farm along the country side. Since it was getting into the fall the crops had mostly been harvested and the field was barren. Everything look dead. 

However, near the field was one stalk of flowers growing amount the nothing. It grew inspite of everything going on around it. Now he being the romantic he is picked this flower for me, to remember our day together. 

I just want to leave with you the simple fact that you are strong, you are beautiful, you are wanted, and you will grow inspite of your environment. You are just like this flower. Perfect. 

Please be kind to yourself, and one another, regardless.

– M


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