Hey There!


I know I have been MIA for a long time now. I was focusing on finishing up my degree at uni. I graduate in December with my elementary education bachelors degree. Which is a big accomplishment for me and I am excited to see what the new chapter in my life holds.

Having everything settled school wise, I now have time to get back to what I love: blogging, crafting, shopping, etc. Another positive is that I get to share it all with you now!

As you can see, I have updated the site some. I hope these changes are helpful in making the blog more appealing and easier to navigate.

You may be wondering what content I will be posting now since I am overhauling the site. Well, it will be similar, crafts and DIY’s are a given. However, I hope to post more about life, travel, and maybe education in general.

Here are some photos from my hiatus!


Refashioning a vintage dress? Yes, please!


Washington, DC your flowers are of my dreams!


Flying over someplace cold


Paris you have my heart, always!


Check out my sharpie mug video on youtube!


The waters are so blue at MSU


North Carolina beaches are the best


Sharpie and rubbing alcohol


I am addicted


Found a new love, making bracelets!


Council for Exceptional Children National Conference!

I hope you will stick around to see what new adventures are in store!

See you soon!



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