DIY Beaded Hair Chain

Hello lovelies today I am going to show you how to make a beaded hair chain that you can pop in your bun or wear with your hair down for a more bohemian look.
These are THE PERFECT hair accessory for summer! With a few supplies and a couple of minutes you can have one for yourself!

Beaded Hair Chain

What you need:
Hair chain supplies
– Pliers
– Crimp Beads
– Clear Line (Fishing Line will suffice)
– Beads

* Pro-tip: if you do not have crimp beads you can always tie the line onto the bobby pin, the crimp bead just makes it more secure I think.
*Pro-tip: If you wish you can also add chain to the bobby pin to add even more detail.

1. Gather your materials.
2. Attach your line to the bobby pin with a crimp bead as I did below. 
3. Start stringing your beads of choice. I used dollar packets of beads from Wal-Mart. But I think pearls would be beautiful as well. I made mine 8 inches long and that was an okay length. You could make it longer depending on what you like. 
4. Once it is your desired length attach the end to another bobby pin and secure with a crimp bead like you did in the beginning. 
5. Now it is complete! 
beaded hair chain DIY
I put it into a bun like above however you can also wrap it around your bun which I think is very cute.
This can be dressed up or down which makes them very versatile. Also you can move the hair chain around to the front for a very bohemian look.
silver beaded hair chain

Here are some more pictures of the silver one I made. 

Now you can go make a ton of these for your summer wardrobe! I know I will be!
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If you decide to make this DIY please post it to twitter using the hash-tag #CollegeChicHairChain that was I can go and see all your beautiful hair chains.

Take a look at my other DIY’s and check back for more posts!


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